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It's me. Doc. You know, the guy who writes all sorts of things, with the express purpose of getting people to talk about things they like. Sometimes, it even works, which is great. I've been with Kotaku since, what, 2007? 2008? Not sure when I officially started posting as DocSeuss, but it was probably in 2009 or so. After the Comment of the Week stuff died, and we moved to #Speakup, I held the lead for most-published-to-the-front-page stuff. I was starred twice.


What I mean by this is that I'm... fairly prolific. If you've read Kotaku, you've probably read me at some point. Now, am I great? Dunno. I still get people adding me on Steam or whatever, asking why Kotaku/Polygon/etc haven't hired me yet. On the flip side, I frequently receive "kill yourself" responses, especially in regards to Sony.

So yeah. I run the gamut. You might like me. You might hate me. I'm cool either way. All I personally care about is being interesting. If I'm not, then I've messed up somewhere along the line. I tend to talk about what I perceive as problems more than I do as things I like, because there's often very little to explore about what I love, and a lot to learn from things that are broken. I've patterned some of my writing after guys like Film Crit Hulk and Jason Schreier, but I'm nowhere near as good as either.


My personal biases lean towards the PC, especially single-player and first-person games. I've been told I hate Sony irrationally, but frankly, I just think they don't publish that many great games, Infamous and Journey aside. I think Microsoft is a deeply flawed, fascinating company, as well as the true successor to the almighty Sega (long may it prosper), and as a result, I've been accused of being an Xbox Fanboy, but, since it's a console, I think it's just as terrible as everything else that's not a PC. Computer gaming is best. The PC is all.

My favorite developers are Looking Glass, GSC Game World, Remedy, and CAPY. I will buy pretty much any of their games. My favorite games are STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, No One Lives Forever 2, Homeworld 2, Aliens vs Predator 2, World in Conflict, Max Payne 2, FEAR, and, of course, the inimitable System Shock 2.


I think the best video game guns in existence are the HV Penetrator (FEAR), the WSTE-M Shotgun (Marathon: Infinity), and the Stryk pistol from Payday 2.

You can get a hold of me through Twitter, Tumblr, Steam, and find my stuff through my tag here on TAY: DocTalk. I don't like multiplayer Valve games or MOBAs, so friending me on Steam just to play games is a fool's errand.


I'm pretty chill when chatting, and if people ask me to write about something, I probably will if I can. I'm verrrry interested in indie game development, so if someone wants to do some with me, I'm up for it.

Unrelated to games, I'm prettttty much interested in everything, especially storytelling, art, cooking, gadgets, lifehacking, and stuff like that. Sure, I have a degree in game design, but I'm working towards one in film, and I've got another one in liberal arts (which was totally an accident). I used to fly planes, before I got super sick—that illness is now a big part of my life. I mention it pretty often, in an attempt to keep it at bay.


So yeah.

That's everything, I think.

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